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39 thousand person attends Kunming flowers to exhibit, Nongbohui

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September 3 is flowers of Chinese Kunming international is exhibited, exposition of agriculture of international of the 4th Kunming kicks off the first day, spot huge crowd of people, the person that sees into the house jostle each other in a crowd. According to Nongbohui the organizing committee is not complete statistic, up to yesterday afternoon 5 when, the number that enter a house amounts to 39 thousand person, be in the majority with the citizen among them.

“ I am to go to be not moved really, never resemble taking so much route today, rambled business shop of so much. ”9 month 3 days afternoon 4 when make, ms. Liu that carrying packets of big packet looked for a seat to sit down outside exhibiting an area rest, she tells a reporter this is she rambles for the first time Nongbohui. Was attracted till numerous afternoon citizen more at 9 o'clock from in the morning, queue up to enter the arena, lively and extraordinary. Different Nongbohui let a citizen have experience newly, citizen Ma Tao tells a reporter, the Nongbohui this year is done well than last year, exhibit much also many, plus internationally flowers is exhibited, rambling to feel fresh.

The reporter is met from farming rich the organizing committee understands, international flowers is exhibited this year and farming exposition the corresponding period is held, exhibited in all product of product of agricultural science and technology, food oily food, gardens, travel product 10 kinds of 1700 many breed, among them, flowers product plan 300 many breed, new breed of own intellectual property 36. Two exhibit meeting the corresponding period to hold, not only integrated exhibit meeting resource, reduced exhibit meeting cost, expanded to extend meeting scope, promoted exhibit meeting class, in the meantime, organizing committee office is returned this year with Alibaba the company cooperates, explore and develop what have field of produce electron business affairs, into the one large window that meets to exhibit.

It is reported, up to close a shop on September 3 afternoon, 1878 exhibit a spot to sell amount 3.8 million yuan.

Bright and beautiful center casts 140 million stone forest to establish flowers garden

Build a whole bright production that cut a flower to supply a system

We will invest “ 140 million yuan, a 3000 mus flowers industry garden is established in stone forest, flowers industry garden predicts to be built with respect to meeting start working by this year, the flower that grew September next year can appear on the market sale. ” yesterday, industry of flowers of center of Kunming bright and beautiful is finite farming herd bureau signed liability company and autonomous county of stone forest the Yi nationality formally cooperative agreement.

Cao Ronggen of president of finite liability company introduces industry of flowers of center of Kunming bright and beautiful, this company held water 1995, existing core production cultivates base more than mus 500, combine production cultivates base more than mus 5000, produce per year rose, carnation, lily and other delicacy to cut a flower 350 million branch, annual produce exceeds 250 million yuan. Preparation of finite liability company carries estate of flowers of center of Kunming bright and beautiful much channel financing, be in respectively appropriate fine, jin Ning, stone forest, enrich the people and other places builds 5 large modern flowers to set an example base and collect aftertreatment center, in all garden of industry of 10 thousand mus of new-style flowers.
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