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Garden of Xiamen garden rich grows first peculiar vegetable

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New rare tree plants introduced precious to have 30 in all many breed, have many coming from different region, if Australia blaze wood, Australia is big Zhi of Chinese fan palm of foliaceous banyan, Vietnam, Iran is hard coco of certain herbaceous plants with big flowers of thorn of glue, Africa, Madagascar. Have some of precious rare plant, had not seen even the expert, even the data is checked very hard. These plants get the pay of high standards: Tree top maintains sunshade network, because fear new environment is incommensurate, a few arbor still hanged “ to a string of 1 bottle ”—— is in truncal on bore is defeated by tailor-made nutrient fluid.

As we have learned, precious is rare in cultivating kind of garden, still will undertake landscape is built, form the gardens landscape of beautiful Huan of United States annulus. Rare tree plants introduced precious to be cultivated besides major concentration in precious rare tree is planted outside garden, fraction will be mixed according to arboreous appearance characteristics, the position that in each garden area the choice fits is cultivated dispersedly. Precious rare tree is planted garden next year is expected to be opened to the tourist.

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