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Incident of young plant of desolate hill steel emerge farming breeds 3 years of

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3 days midday, the Laozhu that new market presses down received the telephone call of neighbour: “ is bad, the dragon Bai Hao in your home land is unplugged more. The one Jing in ” old Zhu Xin, pulling an old partner to go to drive in the ground. Look under, within an inch of wants the past. Hardship raised 3 years, be regarded as a mu of earthworm cypress of one's very life by Laozhu almost, remained half mus only unexpectedly.

Laozhu lives in new market, contract in red cultivate farm 7 mus of ground. In these 7 mus of ground, laozhu breeds Long Bai with a mu of ground, plant more than 20000 in all. From sow grafting, plant again next in the ground, laozhu spent many painstaking effort. This year have been the 3rd year, long Bai grows 25 centimeters tall, to year end, can sell a good price. Look at these dragon cypress little the ground is long tall, of the contented in old Zhu Xin. “ shows in the market so tall Long Bai, can sell 1 yuan of Qian Yizhu. ”2 day in the evening at 7 o'clock, laozhu leaves dragon cypress ground, how to also think of to produce such thing the following day.

The nursery stock of “ Longbai and so on trades, compare in year end of the beginning of the year commonly flourishing, so every arrive this moment, case of this kind of theft can compare tall hair. That paragraph of time, I am prevented more closely. ” Laozhu did not think of September also somebody steals Long Bai.

The reporter sees in the spot, of ground of this dragon cypress all around kind full evergreen tree, these trees surround the ground, make contrast of this ground photograph secretter. In from this the ground is controlled 150 meters, have a shack, laozhu's neighbour is defended here, he slept more soundly in the evening that day, just discover this circumstance in the morning the following day so.

These “ dragon cypress by uproot, trick is very neat. ” Laozhu estimates, “ this affirmation is the veteran doing of kind of crops. More than 10000 individual plant, 45 people unplug together, also should unplug 3 two hours. These ” dragon just can do business in year end like Bai Yi, so these after Long Bai is unplugged go back by those people, plant again even paragraph of day.

Laozhu hopes other Miao Nong also is preventing a place. Of course, if the reader arrives alertly these Long Bai's whereaboutldirection, also can dial our newspaper hot line 82654321, help Laozhu recover those together Long Bai.

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