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Glossy ganoderma is potted appear on flowers market to be bestowed favor on newl

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Information of number of 2007-11-5 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: Recently, the reporter discovers in market of urban painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style, of all sorts of fructification potted had appeared on the market, citric, cumquat is waited a moment. Among them, of all sorts of glossy ganoderma potted become this year of flowers market bestow favor on newly.

Be in our country, glossy ganoderma has since ancient times " panacea " , " luck is careless " auspicious says, have very high officinal value. The glossy ganoderma that appear on the market is potted and main have two dry kinds with work, it is for the most part from replenish onr's stock of and other places of Beijing, Shandong, the price differs to hundreds yuan from a few yuan. One is telling a reporter in the client of the choose and buy, glossy ganoderma is rare Chinese traditional medicine material, appearance tastes medium jade like jade article act the role ofing flexibly, catered to people to go after the good will with lucky riches and honour.

Many people fear glossy ganoderma is bad to raise, and according to managing glossy ganoderma potted florist gold gentleman introduces, potted glossy ganoderma conserve is very simple, should put in weak light only usually or the place of half shade, irrigate with mineral water, maintain proper humidity, every other brushs the face that wipes glossy ganoderma substance a few days with wet cloth, efface touchs the fine this world that add on its, return its original bright-coloured colour can.

Additional, merchant reminds, these glossy ganoderma that help advance somebody's career artificially are potted and main be for viewing and admire with, the respect waits to cannot be compared with appearance of rare feral glossy ganoderma in officinal value.

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