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4 towns Chinese catalpa establishs breed base

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Information of number of 2008-3-11 of net of Chinese gardens flowers and trees: Base of breed of Chinese catalpa tree is located in Henan to save in relief county of the Huaihe River 4 towns. Traffic is very convenient, it is the countryside " that the whole nation's famed " Chinese catalpa cultivates, it is production of the throughout the country's biggest Chinese catalpa tree, chinese catalpa establishs breed base. The complete tree that press down Chinese catalpa grows an area 5000 mus. Year sell Chinese catalpa cultivates 500 thousand. What Chinese catalpa of " the world cultivates " of the first town say. Have industrialization, standardization, the scale of production of standardization. Major of this garden of Chinese catalpa sapling offers 3-15 centimeter Chinese catalpa to cultivate for you all the year round, su Shengqiu, gold-rimmed Chinese catalpa, comfort Chinese catalpa, the grafting seedling He Guohuai such as grey Chinese catalpa, n/bot glossy privet, law tung, chinese ilex, the afforest such as poplar seedling uses a young animal. Same professional work, different service, military quality, we can be accomplished best. This nursery holds to credit the first, the client is consummate, what want us to agree only is certain had done for you. Let what you come be at ease, the Shu Xin that live, those who go is satisfactory, welcome new old client to visit make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot, contact business. Our company still are sold continuously too boiler of health county sirocco, all sorts of boiler such as water warm boiler. Nursery stock friend can yield benefit 10% .

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