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Technology of ginkgo grow seedlings

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5, winter prevents deciduous leaf
Ginkgo is hardwood, annual deep autumn later blade begins to become yellow and gradually deciduous leaf, then plant enters dormancy. The reason since of ginkgo fallen leaves because the influence of microtherm, it is the result of rule of its itself physiology. Our old test makes clear, the fallen leaves that defers ginkgo with artificial method is feasible. At present more effective method is to be before arrival of cold current of Qiu Dong season gush uses the element that ensure a part of a historical period, enclothe with plastic film add lukewarm protect wet, grow in order to maintain ginkgo continuity.
The another effective method that prevents winter fallen leaves is the technology that send a tip 2, handle artificially namely make ginkgo shifts to an earlier date deciduous leaf and in those days new branch of the 2nd bud. It is to be in the 2nd ginkgo is annual to grow commonly in season (October) , be handled with drug or cut a part of a historical period artificially, cut of hand-in-hand president branch is short, make lateral bud bud grow.

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